Pallets -

Over 30 years experience.

New, Used, Custom, ISPM-15 Certified 

All pallets are made to order. We stock a variety of sizes and can provide just in time service or set you up for on ground stock of your material for same day deliveries.

We can design the right pallet for your applications. Many times reducing your overall packaging cost by reducing the material used by other companies that ship what they have that works on the ground.

Crates -

We can work with your current designs and provide competitive pricing. We have a very broad customer base for custom crating, We have been working with the glass power industries for over 30 years and have done extensive R&D on all our our designs with some of the best engineers in the country.

Skids -

Carry a large Inventory of HT 4 x 4 and 4 x 6 and have several designs to meet your needs for domestic or international use. We can provide one way or re-usable skids if value added product is what you are seeking.

AG Boxes -

We are the valley's largest manufacturer of Lug style bins mostly used for the storage of Kiwi Fruit. these bins have been used for a variety of other fruits including , Persimmons, Pomegranates, Figs, Star Fruit and occasional citrus products. The crates ability to hold in excess of 125 lbs of fruit makes them versatile enough to store or transport just about anything in them.